Royal Microscopical Society
   Glaziers Hall

RMS Hooke day 01

To mark the 350th anniversary of the publication of Micrographia, the first ever book on microscopy by Robert Hooke, the Royal Microscopical Society and Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument makers held a special event for schools at Glaziers Hall in London. Over 250 children were invited to learn about microscopes and to examine the same specimens that Hooke looked at; flies, bugs, cork and flowers. Professor Rob Kesseler, Chair of Arts, Design and Science, together with Mel Fischer and Xi Lin from CSM and Eve Lague and Agata Babinski from Camberwell, were invited to work with the children using microscopes to observe and draw their samples. It was an intensive day and the students were brilliant at igniting everyone’s drawing talents. The best of the day, an amazingly accurate drawing of a wasp, won a prize of a new microscope for its ten year old creator presented by Alan Yarrow, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of London.

Dr. Susan Anderson, Professor of Pathology at Nottingham University who organised the day was full of praise for the students, “ they were so professional in how they encouraged the children to produce some extraordinary work. It was a marvellous advertisement for the value of art & science working together to discover new things.”

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