Workshop // Lecture //Panel Discussion // Exhibition
   Bournemouth Lab of Art Science & Technology

blast 1

BLAST, a series of workshops and presentations brought artists, scientists and technologists together to interact, experience and share practice. The BLAST initiative aimed to foster new connections, interactions and collaborations between participants in a stimulating hands on experience centred on doing

Workshop // MiMaterial

Art and Science is both a process and a product, a way of examining the world through a series of filters, used in multiple combinations and of varying intensity. Examination begins with looking, a somewhat undervalued skill rooted in our primitive needs to identify pattern, form and shape in order to facilitate secure passage through life. Using microscopes loaned from the University participants examined a range of live and preserved material to create images for the exhibition.


Lecture // Convergent territories and hybrid practices

The lecture explored the overlapping territories between Art, Design, Photography, Applied Art and Science.

Panel discussion // Illustration or Transformation : How can artistic practice challenge science environments

Chair : Dr Rob Le Frenais
Panel: Bently Crudginton, Rob Kesseler, Simon Park Helen Pynor, Paul Smith.

This panel discussion chaired explored the value of arts and science collaborations and scientist’s engagement with the arts, considering the perspectives of audience, practitioner and researcher.