Wonders of the Plant Kingdom: A microcosm revealed //
Wolfgang Stuppy, Rob Kesseler & Madeline Harley

Publ. Papadakis 2014
ISBN: 978-1-906506-47-6

A groundbreaking collaboration between an artist and two botanists, this book tells the story of how flowers disseminate their pollen and how the pollinated flower turns into a fruit beginning a whole new chapter in a plant’s life. It is the success or failure of a fruit to disperse its seeds that decides the survival or extinction of a species. This book combines extraordinary images with a clear, easily accessible, yet scientifically accurate text explaining the different forms of pollen, seeds and fruit, and their role in preserving the biodiversity of our planet.


Polarities of Practice //

Unknown Quantities // Issue #01
Publ. MA Culture, Criticism, Curation. CSM 2014
ISSN: 2005-1479

An essay exploring the parallels between art & science, in which the respective practices are examined as both a process and a product, a way of examining the world through a series of filters.


Convergent Territories: A Definition of Art for Scientists //

Arcade : Science, Art and Enquiry // # 31.1. 2014
Publ. Arcade: Dialogue on Design. USA


Kew Science Strategy 2015-2020



Students and the Culture of Tomorrow //

Bianca Pascall

Essay featuring the work from Rethinking Surgery and MiPattern events at CSM
I’m a failed scientist, Nicky Morgan, and we have much to learn from art and design //
The Conversation

I’m a failed scientist-capture

A response to comments made by education secretary Nicky Morgan in which she placed STEM subjects above arts and humanities in the employability stakes.


Y su épico mundo de las plantas
Daniella Silva Astrorga
El Mercurio // 2015

Editorial feature covering the Natures Archetypes exhibition, Puerto de Ideas, Antofagasta, Chile


Seeds Up Close and personal //
Sarah Shailes
Plant Scientist. 2014

Illustrated review of new publication, Wonders of the Plant Kingdom, Stuppy, Kesseler & Harley.


Superpowered Microscopes Make Plant Cells Look Like Jewels //
The Creators Project 2014

Online feature published during the MiPattern event at CSM.


Psychedelic plant: The inner beauty of common species //
Sandrine Ceurstemont
New Scientist 2014

Online feature published during the MiPattern event at CSM.


BBC World Service //
Online photo-feature during Natures Archetypes exhibition, Chile


Under the microscope //
Richard Bright
Interalia Magazine 2014

Interview with Richard Bright for Interalia, an online magazine dedicated to th interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness.


Convergent Territories: a definition of art for scientists //
Interalia Magazine 2014

Photo-feature and article originally published in Arcade.


Phytopic //
Photogrist Photo Magazine. 2013

Online photo-feature to coincide with appointment as Chair of Arts Design & Science.


Portfolio //
Zygote Quarterly. 2013

Interview and photo-feature


Muchos piensan que se trata de fotos cientificas, pero es arte //
Calvin Dexter
Quesabesde 2013

Interview and photo-feature