Natures archetypes

   Natures archetypes – the micro world of plants //
   Fundacion Minera Escondida
   Puerto de Ideas : Festival De Sciencia Antofagasta Chile 2015

Natures archetypes reveals a hidden world of fantastic forms and complex patterns created from specimens collected from around the world of pollen, seeds and fruit photographed on a Scanning Electron Microscope.The resulting black and white images were carefully pieced together, cleaned up and through a painstaking process of adding and building up colour were developed into powerful images that transcend their scientific origins to create a sense of awe and wonder, a harmonic union of science and art.
The exhibition featured two vitrines of seeds and specimens collected from the forests in the south of Chile and the nearby Atacama desert.
For Descubriendos mundos microscopicos, Rob Kesseler held a series of drawing workshops for local schools in the terrace of Foundation following the opening of the exhibition.

Funded by The British Council, Minera Escondida and the Puerto de Ideas

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